r-TG Omega 3 - 1100mg per serving - 120 Soft Gels

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r-TG Omega 3 - 1100mg per serving - 120 Soft Gels

r-TG Omega 3 - 1100mg per serving - 120 Soft Gels

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Product description


Fish oil has been a staple health and fitness supplement for decades, and for a very good reason.

That’s because it contains the highly valuable omega-3 fatty acids:

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

two essential nutrients that produce a number of important benefits within the body.

Adequate consumption of EPA and DHA is not just a passive recommendation – it could literally save your life.

A study by The Harvard School Of Public Health found that omega-3-deficient diets are the sixth highest killer of Americans, causing up to 96,000 preventable deaths every single year. 

This is mainly due to the increased risk of heart disease that results from a low EPA/DHA intake, which is currently the leading cause of mortality worldwide. 

Fish oil improves heart health by raising levels of HDL (the “good” cholesterol), lowering triglyceride levels, reducing inflammation and moderating blood pressure. 

Beyond giving you a healthier heart, it can also give you a healthier brain too.

Research has shown that fish oil assists in improving overall cognitive function, reducing age-related mental decline, preventing the onset of certain psychological disorders, and even lowering levels of anxiety and depression. 

On top of its cardiovascular and psychological benefits, fish oil has been shown to improve bone health, boost immune system function, enhance skin health, improve vision and increase blood circulation. 

Not only that…

A proper daily dose of EPA/DHA can also have positive effects on your ability to build muscle, burn fat and perform at your full potential.

Studies have shown that fish oil consumption:

  • Increases activation of the mTOR pathway, a central trigger of protein synthesis. 
  • Reduces muscle breakdown by lowering cortisol levels. 
  • Improves fatty acid oxidation and insulin sensitivity. 
  • Decreases muscle soreness for better recovery and performance. 
  • Alleviates inflammatory joint pain for improved training longevity.

Bottom line?

Consuming sufficient EPA/DHA is a critical step in maximizing your overall health and fitness while preventing the risk of disease.

Unfortunately, the average Western diet provides just 10-20% of the proper amount per day. 

The American Heart Health Association recommends 1 gram of combined EPA/DHA daily (though research has shown benefits at up to 6 grams daily), with the average Westerner taking in just 0.1-0.2 grams daily. 

More and more people are becoming aware of this fact, which is why fish oil supplements continue to rise in popularity every year.

Before you simply run out and grab the first bottle of fish oil you see off the shelf, it’s critical to understand that not all fish oil is created equally.

There are several key differences that must be considered, including which specific type of oil you’re getting, where it’s sourced from, the processing methods used and the overall EPA/DHA potency.

Depending on a combination of these factors, you could either end up with a very high-grade or very low-grade fish oil supplement.

Let’s break down in simple terms what makes Claw Nutrition's Omega 3 the leading choice for fish oil supplementation you can trust…

Highly absorbable “Reesterified Triglyceride” form.

The majority of popular fish oils on the market are delivered in the processed “ethyl ester” form.

While this form does provide a high level of purity and EPA/DHA potency, it isn’t absorbed by the body as effectively in comparison to other forms.

Research has shown that fish oils in the natural (unprocessed) triglyceride form are utilized more readily than ethyl esters, as well as being less susceptible to rancidification (they don’t go bad as quickly). 

Unfortunately, the low level of processing involved with natural triglyceride fish oils also means that they typically contain higher levels of contaminants and lower levels of EPA/DHA.

So, both the ethyl ester and natural triglyceride forms (the ones that nearly all popular fish oils are sold as) have their own specific drawbacks that make them each a less-than-ideal choice.

That’s why Claw Nutrition's Omega 3 is delivered in the leading quality “reesterified triglyceride” form (rTG).

This form uses special enzymes to convert ethyl esters back into triglycerides, improving the bio-availability, potency and stability of the oil.

Reesterified triglycerides have quickly become the new standard in fish oil supplementation, providing an absorption rate that is superior to both the ethyl ester and natural triglyceride forms, while also being more resistant to rancidification. [68-70]

Not only that, but rTG oils provide their superior bio-availability while still maintaining high EPA/DHA potency, along with purity levels that meet even the strictest standards set for fish oil supplements.


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