Active subscriptions will maintain its existing pricing, however, modifications will reflect the new pricing model.

When is the best time to take your products?

Our products can be taken anytime, 

How soon will my order ship?

1-3 business days

What countries do you ship to


Are all of your products vegan?

No, our Omega 3 is sourced from Pollock.

Are all of your products organic?

All our products are GMP and created with clean and safe ingredients. 

Are your products safe for kids?

Consult with your health care provider before starting any new supplement regimen for yourself or your children. 

Who are Claw Nutrition’s products designed for?

Claw Nutrition has a line of products that are compatible with everyone’s health and fitness goals, whether you are undergoing intense training at the competition level or simply looking to take small steps toward a healthier you.

What manufacturing standards are followed by Claw Nutrition’s Supplements?

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated in our status as a Good Manufacturing Practice plant, requiring our manufacturing process to follow stringent guidelines for safety and quality. Daily inspections ensure compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices, and our facilities have earned a GMP for Sport registration. In terms of our products, only the highest-quality raw materials are selected, each one with a Certificate of Analysis.

Can your products help me gain weight and muscle?

Yes. In order to be successful in your gain goals, you must fuel your body correctly. Our supplements allow you to target your body’s needs, putting you on the path to success in the gym. Our products include a protein supplement specifically intended for those looking to maximize their gains.