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Natural Supplements Designed To Help Take Your Recovery To The Next Level

Here at Claw Nutrition We Focus On Providing The Best Possible Products For The Best Possible Prices. We Create Products That Are Designed To Not Only Be High In Quality, But Also High In Bioavailability as Its Not Just Important How Much You Consume But How Much Is Absorbed.

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What People Are Saying

Fantastic product by a great company

Ive been taking turkesterone for 3 months and ive seen great results.I buy my turkesterone from Claw nutrition because i know its a fantastic product sold by a trustworthy team at Claw nutrituon.
I highly recommend Claw nutrition to provide me with the supplements i can trust.

Stephen Neeson


Communication, delivery were great, I train 4 times a week on a split and PRs are being set most weeks, however I must stress that I'm only 5 months into weight training at this stage. So I'm not sure if these are newbie gains or the Turk, or most likely a bit of both. I'll continue to take, I'm on my 2nd bottle now and I'm taking 2 caps per day split morning and evening.

Kevin Nouch

Seems to work

I'm on my 4th bottle of turk from Claw Nutrition. I've set a few PBs recently. The stuff definitely helps. I wouldn't recommend for newbies with lots of growth potential anyways but for experienced lifters that are maxed out this can help.

better than creatine, not as good as anavar LOL


Great product and great customer experience

I've had a great experience so far with the Fadogia Agrestis Extract and Tongkat Ali Complex combo. I've noticed an increase in muscle while losing body fat at a higher rate than my normal lifting and dieting routine. I'd recommend taking one of each for at least 30 days before you decide if you're happy with the results. These two supplements will be a part of my daily routine for the foreseeable future.

Jim Morrison

Great results in conjuction with a good diet and exercise

A good product, I've been taking it for about four weeks, and I've felt an increase in my strength, I had been stuck in the gym for months, I seemed to have plateaued. Its also seemed to improve my mood which has been a great benefit! It is an excellent natural product!

Jim Morrison

Very effective for added energy and muscle building...

The “500MG Ecdysterone Capsules” from “Claw Nutrition” is a bottle of sixty food supplement capsules that are specifically designed to assist with muscle building during exercise.

These capsules are great. Firstly, they’re so incredibly convenient to take. Just swallow one down with a glass of water and then get onto your workout. You can take up to two a day for optimised results, so the pot will basically last you a month or so.

The results are incredibly impressive. After just taking them for a few days I already noticed a difference with my performance in the gym. I was lifting weights for longer, hitting the treadmill for longer and generally reaping the rewards of the increased energy levels.

For my weight loss and muscle-building regime these have proven to be absolutely spot on. Just what I needed to give me that extra boost. And they’re made from natural ingredients too.

Honestly can’t recommend them enough. Strong and effective and absolutely deliver the goods like they say they will. Highly recommended.

Chris Hall

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